True Crime Fridays

Fatal Attraction Last Words hosts Mara S. Campo and Carlos Greer call upon an expert to explain the complications of this tragic case.

In unseen footage, Susan Raft shows the great lengths that Alyssiah Wiley's mother took to find the missing college student.

When they reopen the case of a young college student who disappeared near her campus, Mara S. Campo and Keith Alexander analyze case details and divulge insider information. Researchers must find the truth, but will a jury be persuaded by it?

Detectives must find out what caused the bloodshed when a tragically seeming brotherhood falls apart. As they review the awful specifics of a murder, Mara S. Campo and Keith Alexander provide new video and previously unreleased material.

Criminologist Geniece Monde gives us more insight into how the justice system views Black women who are rightfully victims of crimes.