The Manns Video

Chantal challenges David to a Gumbo cook-off and Tamela models her designs for Ashley Stewart!

The Manns are in for another challenge -- to see which gender is really the strongest.

David pushes his family to overcome their fears with a series of challenges and Tamela tries to get over the grief of losing her dog.

A consultant is invited to the house to evaluate the business and the family reacts to a mock funeral for David.

It's time for the annual Mann Games. 5 Days. 5 Games. Winner takes all. Who will bring home the gold?

The Mann clan hit the road for their tour and try to generate some momentum; back at home Tia adapts, post-surgery.

Join the Manns as they head to ESSENCE Festival for the finale of Walmart's Next Gospel Super Star Search! DON'T FORGET TO SHOP ONLINE, SHIP TO STORE. AND SAVE EVEN MORE ON WWW.WALMART.COM. FOR ALL YOUR SUMMER AND FESTIVAL NEEDS.

The Mann's World Tour is finally here! The Manns close out the season by taking us all on the epic tour they've been planning.

Take a walk down memory lane and relive David Jr. & Chantal's best moments

Pastor Jennifer Biard breaks down why even Jesus thought it was important to meet people where they are.