The DL Hughley Show Clips

It's been 20 years and Anada Lewis is opening up about the hesitation to return to the spotlight after being introduced to the world as the host of Teen Summit in 1989.

Dionne Warwick shuts down those decades-old rumors of her being a Diva and gives a history lesson on what the word actually means. And if you've ever wondered -- the stripper pole may not be too far of a stretch for the iconic singer.

When picking roles, the actor opens up about why he feels such a huge responsibility, especially as a Black man. Rather the characters are favorable or not, Lamman's goal is the same.

We all remember Kanye's now-infamous comments on slavery on TMZ. Van Lathan shares what led up to that viral moment between the two.

Larenz Tate was originally supposed to play another role on STARZ' hit series, Power, but scheduling didn't allow it. The actor opens up about joining the show and what his wife thinks about Rashard Tate.

How did the group's individual solo careers affect the members of New Edition? Ralph Tresvant reveals what really happened and if he harbors any resentment.

Rodney Jerkins' career is unmatched. At only 11 he knew he would be a super producer and five years later he got his first big gig working with Patti LaBelle -- but it wasn't easy.