One Stage To The Next

While she continues her rehabilitation for her back injury, Syleena and KD are using modified workouts. Syleena also flies to Chicago to add the finishing touches to her album, "Woman."

Coach KD adjusts Syleena's workouts after she receives a catastrophic back prognosis. Syleena travels to Chicago to finish her album while managing her back discomfort and puts her back to the test by playing on stage at the Bantu Fest performance.

With her South Africa 3-week tour, Syleena takes on her long task list of working out with KD, her first posing practice, a chiropractor visit, massage therapy, and a follow-up cool sculpting appointment.

Syleena shares that she's feeling good about her weight loss journey, and has lost a lot of weight. Syleena also shared how physical therapy has been a help to her recovery as well. Before she leaves for her South Africa tour, Syleena heads to her first posing practice with her coach Ashley.

Still sore from cool sculpting, Syleena pushes through her workouts and loses enough weight to pull off a photoshoot for her new album. Soon after, she experiences severe back and leg pain, leaving her journey to the stage hanging in the balance.

Singer and talk show host, Syleena Johnson, sets her sights on competing in her first fitness competition. She starts training with prep coach, KD Wilson, tries to balance her family life with her ambition, and undergoes a cool sculpting procedure.