A Different World 35th Anniversary

If fans don’t remember anything else from ‘A Different World,’ they’re sure to know about THE WEDDING! Dwayne crashing Whitley and Byron’s wedding and winning her love at the very last possible minute is arguably the most memorable scene in the history of A Different World. I mean, it’s simply iconic television. During our conversation […]

On September 24, 1987, A Different World made its television debut on NBC. In celebration of the 35th anniversary, TV One is taking fans of the iconic 90s sitcom back to Hillman College for a day of nostalgia! We sat down with Kadeem Hardison and Jasmine Guy as they shared secrets about the series and […]

The culturally iconic sitcom “A Different World” celebrates 35 years since its premiere. Kadeem Hardison and Jasmine Guy, affectionately known as “Dwayne and Whitley”, shared their experiences filming the show with several media outlets this week.

As we approach the marathon of the sitcom we are taking a look at one of the reasons why many fans identified with the sitcom. The FASHION!

35 incredible years later, "A Different World" is still one of the most loved sitcoms in history 🙌🏾! The beloved sitcom not only gave us characters that we can relate to but also impacted the Black community in such a positive way. Here's a deep dive into why we love "A Different World" 35 years later.