If fans don’t remember anything else from ‘A Different World,’ they’re sure to know about THE WEDDING!

Dwayne crashing Whitley and Byron’s wedding and winning her love at the very last possible minute is arguably the most memorable scene in the history of A Different World.

I mean, it’s simply iconic television.

During our conversation with Kadeem Hardison and Jasmine Guy, in celebration of the sitcom’s 35th Anniversary, the legendary actors dished about the makings of the scene and how it transformed how viewers and fans received their characters.

Hardison revealed that he actually didn’t agree with the scene happening the way it did. He felt that Dwayne missed his opportunity to love Whitley the way she deserved, and that Byron was “perfect for her.”

In fact, he said the scene where Dwayne visited Whitley at her mom’s house the night before the wedding was his pitch to the writers. Although it was used, the sitcom’s leaders weren’t budging on that wedding. And it’s ultimately the scene we all fell in love with.

Watch them discuss the makings of the scene, below.

Hardison added that due to his disbelief in that aspect of their storyline, he spent the weeks leading up to the taping nervous about getting it right.

“I had a lot of anxiety,” he told TV One. “And I’m not an anxious guy by any means.”

He laughed as he recalled that he actually got lost in his lines and felt like he was drowning.

Guy reminded us that A Different World was filmed in front of a live audience. She said the viewers in attendance were screaming with excitement while watching it all go down. With the audience being so loud and given the already heavy nature of the scene, she also got a little stuck.

The duo admitted that Dwayne’s “BABY PLEASE!” was not actually Whitley’s cue, but it had to be the most iconic cue in the sitcom’s history.

Those words were all Kadeem could get out after becoming lost in his lines and he was hoping Jasmine would save him. As we know, she held him all the way down!

“That was you like, ‘baby please come in with your lines!’,” Jasmine said as they laughed together.

Whitley quickly responded with her “I do!” and the rest was history.

They also revealed that it wasn’t until that scene aired that they even realized how invested fans were in their on-screen relationship.

Funny enough, over the last 35 years, Dwayne and Whitley have become a lasting example of love for the Black community. We can never get enough of Pookie and Bunny!

Outside of THE WEDDING, what are your favorite Dwayne and Whitley moments? Share with us below!

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