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(Season 1 | Episode 5) Chantal challenges David to a Gumbo cook-off and Tamela models her designs for Ashley Stewart!

(Season 1 | Episode 6) Tia goes in for her weight-loss surgery; Tia and Tamela hold a relationship seminar and David Jr. goes on a spiritual journey.

(Season 1 | Episode 8) It's time for the annual Mann Games. 5 Days. 5 Games. Winner takes all. Who will bring home the gold?

(Season 1 | Episode 10) The Mann clan hit the road for their tour and try to generate some momentum; back at home Tia adapts, post-surgery.

(Season 1 | Episode 5) Erica starts work on the first book she’s writing by herself and struggles to find her voice as an author. Warryn and Erica’s best couple friends, Lisa and Juan Winans, visit. Joi records a new song about self-acceptance.

(Season One | Episode 6) Erica and Wozy celebrate their birthdays together but Warryn misfires with a string of lame birthday presents to Erica or perhaps that’s all part of the plan. Joi records a music video for her new single, Cocoa Butter.

(Season 1 | Episode 7) Warryn and Erica record a duet for the first time ever; Joi heads to Atlanta to perform on the PJ Morton Tour; Erica switches up her plans for a room makeover when Krista and Zaya prove to be ungrateful.

(Season 1 | Episode 8) Erica’s plans for a hair music festival are put in jeopardy when she & Warryn decide to shoot a music video for their duet, All of My Life.