After four seasons of co-hosting The Talk, Eve has decided to depart the CBS daytime show.

The 41-year-old rapper announced her decision to leave The Talk at the end of December 2020. She called the show from her home in London, where she’s been virtually co-hosting the show during the pandemic.

“It’s been a crazy year,” Eve stated. “I’ve been so grateful that I’m able to stay here in London and do the show, but I can’t see, for me, the foreseeable future of traveling back at the moment, and have decided that at the end of December, this will probably be my last time on the show — in this capacity as a host.”

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Eve’s departure makes the second departure from the show in less than two months — with Marie Osmond departing the show after only one season. Rumors about the behind-the-scenes drama between Osmond and co-hosts Sharon Osborne and Sheryl Underwood may have left viewers to speculate, after Eve’s announcement, if there was more drama between the co-hosts. 

Eve, however, dispelled any thoughts of drama with her co-hosts, jokingly saying that the decision might have been easier if she didn’t get along with one of her co-hosts.

“This is one of the hardest decisions in the world because I wish I hated one of you, but I don’t.”

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She continued, “I never thought that being on a talk show would be this much of an opening of my spirit, soul, personality, everything.”

While the show has resumed on set filming with the co-hosts, Eve has remained in London, filming virtually. 

She stated that the time she spent quarantined in the house with her husband, Maximillion Cooper, has caused her to get to know him on another level. She spoke on an episode of Uncensored: Eve about her blended family. The rapper and step-mom to four children with Cooper added that she wants to expand her family. 


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“Staying home has been such a blessing because my husband and I got to know each other in a different way — in a beautiful way. So, I want to be closer to him. I want to concentrate on expanding our family.”

So, can we expect to see mommy Eve on the screen anytime in the future? Possibly.

Osborne added that she would call her friends at the London-based talk show Loose Women to get them to bring Eve on their show. Eve seemed thrilled about the idea.

“I love them,” Eve added. “I watch them every morning.”

We guess we’ll have to see what’s next for Eve. 

Watch her full announcement below:


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