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A biopic is in the works to highlight the story of Sean Bell and Jason Mitchell is slated to take on the leading role. 

If you don’t remember, Sean Bell was the black man from Queens, New York, who was shot and killed by police just hours before his wedding. The deadly shooting happened in November of 2006 as Bell, his father, and two friends were leaving a strip club where they had been celebrating the year-old’s bachelor party. NYPD officers fired into the vehicle carrying the men over 50 times. The officers claim they believed the men were armed and heard one of them mention a gun, though no weapons were recovered on the men or in the vehicle. Sadly the groom-to-be did not survive the shooting after suffering a gunshot wound to the neck. His friends were also injured but were able to recover. 

All officers involved were found not guilty of Bell’s murder, or any other wrongdoing.

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Mitchell, who played the late rapper Eazy-E in the N.W.A. biopic “Straight Outta Compton,” shared comments on social media regarding his new role and gave a shout-out to the production company, Tru Visions Films.

“I’d like to give thanks to God.. the Bell family and my f**** guy @truvisionsfilms This is about to be epic.”

William Bell, Sean’s father, and the rest of the family have reportedly been very active in the film’s production. 

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