Photo by TV One

Jasmine Sanders, co-host of The DL Hughley Show has been using her platform to bring awareness to the foster care system, telling her story and truth of an uneasy path from foster care to success.

Known for her powerful voice, warm spirit, and infectious personality it’s hard at times for others to fathom the dark past of abuse and trials that were once her reality. Heroically, the media maven does not shy away from sharing her past and harrowing story in order to uplift those in need and inspire others to pay attention.

Growing up as a foster child herself, Sanders has a particular passion project that sits near to her heart. She partners with Youth Villages, a non-profit that is dedicated to empowering at-risk foster and transitional aged youth, encouraging all to donate, volunteer, and most importantly mentor the kids that the organization serves.

Youth Villages

Photo Courtesy of Youth Villages.

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