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Garrett Morris is largely known for his role as Stan Winters on Martin. And while he’s gone on to do other great things in film and television, it’s his character on the 90s hit series that will forever be etched into our minds…as will his mysterious departure from the show.

During an interview with Netflix’s Strong Black Lead, the 82-year-old admitted he still had no clue why Martin Lawrence fired him. If you remember, during the second season of the show Morris what shot in real life during a robbery and was admitted to the hospital, causing him to miss several episodes. On screen, audiences bought the storyline that Stan would undergo plastic surgery to escape the IRS, but off-screen, Morris says he was fired from the show for no reason and after 25 years he still doesn’t understand why (Stan’s character was never mentioned after season three). He even says Martin lied to the media about visiting him in the hospital.

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Interesting. Lawrence is currently filming Bad Boys 3 alongside Will Smith and the likelihood of him responding is probably slim to none.

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As far as rumors of that reboot, Carl Payne told TV One’s Sister Circle earlier this year, it’s likely not happening. Watch below.

TELL US: What do you think really happened? Did you miss Stan’s character after season three?

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