“I’m a Nurturer but I’m NOT NO Old Granny!” 

R&B Divas:               Atlanta Season 3

Episode 3:               “Diamond in the Rough

Celebrity Blogger:     Diva Angie Stone

Diva Angie Stones dishes about episode 3 and breaks down why introducing her daughter Diamond to the Divas was so important and why she has such high hopes for a dynamic “One Night Only.” 

Diva Angie Talks New Season & New Projects

We had a lot more fun this time around taping the show!!!!  I’m always going to do me but I have love for all the ladies – that will never change!  At the end of the day, I’m down for whatever!  I just want to see everybody WIN!

I have been so blessed to be so busy!!!!  I was recently on an episode of TV One’s “The Rickey Smiley Show.”  (WATCH CLIP HERE). I was in the movie “Right On” and “Scary Movie 5,” and I am about to go on the road with the play “The Color Purple.”  By the time you read this, you might have seen the CELEBRITY WIFE SWAP episode on ABC that I appeared in and swapped with Laila Ali.  Busy! Busy! Busy!!


Diva Angie on DIVA STYLE

I have to set the record straight about an upcoming episode!  For the record, I was NOT feeling that outfit!!!! You know the one!!!!!  Big white pearls and flower church dress – who dresses like that?  I’m a nurturer but I’m NOT no old granny!!!!!  I changed three times for that scene and I was just over it.  You won’t catch me wearing that again… EVER!


“You’re A Diva NOW!”

On this episode when you see me talking with the ladies about our “One Night Only” project, I pretty much gave all of them THAT “You’re a Diva Now,” look but I really came off hard with LaTavia.  I addressed her from a place of a mother and in hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have.  I gave her that look and said what I said because it was an expectation.  I am so routing for LaTavia because SHE has the ability to sing!!! In my book, there is no such thing as “I Can’t,” or “I Won’t.”  We (KeKe, Monifah, Syleena, Meelah, LaTavia and I) all got here by singing.  All of us write but we all got here by singing.  I just don’t’ want people to think she can’t sing.  WE ARE ALL DIVAS and ALL DIVAS SING! 


She Can Sing!

In this episode you see my daughter Diamond in the studio and I am so proud!!!!  I didn’t know she could sing right away. She kept that from me for a long time!!!! She was in the church choir for a short while in her younger years but I was on the road most of the time so I never got a chance to see her perform.  It wasn’t until high school that I heard her sing a …. 702 song and I was like wait a minute… my baby can sing!!!! 


Angie Stone on Daughter Diamond & Diva Meelah

That’s why it was such a BIG DEAL for Diamond to come and meet the all the divas.  She looks up to all of the ladies but when Meelah from 702, (the very group Diamond idolized) became an official R&B Diva cast member I smiled to myself and said WOW — God has given me this opportunity to work with someone my daughter looks up too and have them meet face-to-face!!!!! 


Diva Angie & Daughter Diamond

Those are some REAL moments you see in episode 3 with my daughter Diamond.   Motherhood is not easy!  I have learned thru trial and error.  I was a young mother and I left high school to pursue music on SHEER DETERMINATION. I quit school to do this.  I missed college to do this and I would NEVER let her make those same choices.  I wish I could go back and do prom and college but I can’t.  As a mom, I’ve seen her off to college and been able to provide for her.  I don’t regret ANY of that however, I can’t erase the anger she feels.  Diamond feels like I “jumped ship” on her but that was not the case.  As a mom, I have protected my child and done the best I could do.

She has real hurt based on a lot of disappointments because I missed a lot and I can’t knock her for that!  But now she has a child and works a job and is getting into the music business as a diva-in-training and I think she finally gets it!!!! She’s sassy and she speaks her mind for sure!!!  I have tried my best to love the hurt away and it’s just not easy.

Diva Angie Gives Motherly Advice

I received my BEST motherly advice from my very own daughter, Diamond.  She gave me a penny with a hole in it carved out of a heart and it said "DON’T BE SO BUSY MAKING A LIVING THAT YOU FORGET TO MAKE A LIFE." That is so profound and so true!!!! I’ve missed her prom and plenty of band-aid moments because of my career but I get my grandchildren now.  These days we are closer than ever!  Diamond has moved to ATL so we are able to spend more time together.  I can clearly see a brighter future for her.  She definitely has my attention! 


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