One-On-One With Diva Meelah



By Kia E. Jefferson, Senior Producer 

TVONE.TV catches up with new R&B Diva cast member Meelah Williams to get the scoop on life, motherhood and music!

TVONE.TV:​  You exploded onto the music scene in the 90’s Motown hit trio “702.”  How did you become a part of that?

DIVA MEELAH:​​  The group started with four members, but were making a few changes, which resulted in myself, LeMisha and Irish Grinstead. We all went to high school together, Las Vegas Academy of Performing Arts, so they knew I could sing and asked me to audition. I remember going to LA and auditioning for Michael Bivens at his crib and shortly after I was signed to Biv 10 / Motown Records with the girls!   Senior year was hardcore because we were recording and I missed a lot of school days.  No prom for me!!!! But the hard work paid off and about two weeks after graduation we moved to NY and it really started happening for us!

Our second album, “702” was our most successful album and was written and produced with Missy Elliott.  The first single “Where My Girls At?” was nominated for several music awards, #4 on the Billboard Hot 100 and spent months on the charts.

TVONE.TV:  What happened? 

DIVA MEELAH:  It was a great time for the group but by the third album things were starting to crumble. We were still very young and growing.  We had to be one so-to-speak and of course that’s not really realistic.  There were also some management changes after the second album and I left because I didn’t feel the same.  For the record, I did not leave to start a solo career as many thought.  I left because that is what was best for me at that time.

TVONE.TV:  Fast forward to now.  What have you been up too besides joining the cast of TV One’s hit reality series R&B Divas: ATL?

DIVA MEELAH:  I’ve been balancing motherhood and getting back out there!  I’ve definitely been busy!  I have a five year old son named Zac who has recently been diagnosed with Autism.  Part of my reason for being on R&B Divas: ATL is to bring awareness to the disorder.  No one knows how Autism develops and there is no known cure so the best thing I can do is bring awareness.  I even started a foundation to raise Autism and special needs awareness.  The name of my foundation is P.R.O.U.D. which stands for PARENTS REACHING OUT to UNDERSTAND DEVELOPMENTAL DELAYS.

In addition to mommy-hood, I’m definitely working on my music!  I’ve been writing a lot and co-writing [music] with other artists, as well. My single, “Your Love” (produced by Musiq Soulchild/written by Meelah/Musiq) is currently on iTunes  and my upcoming song “Give it to You” will be released soon.    In an effort to bring awareness to Autism, I also have a children’s album out entitled “We Are Different”  and I have just signed on to be the face of the REVEL cosmetic line. You will see me rocking the pink lip shade “Complicated” on the show!   I’ve definitely been BUSY!

TVONE.TV:  Motherhood agrees with you!  Are there more babies in your future?

DIVA MEELAH:  Ha!  Zac is my one and only but only God knows!  For right now, my priority is getting back out there and establishing financial stability for my son and I.  Never say never!!!

TVONE.TV:  Word is you are a “reality TV junkie.”  What shows are your favorites?

DIVA MEELAH:  Of course DIVAS but I love the Housewives franchise and competition/talent based shows like “The Voice,” and “Project Runway.”  I love that people can make a name for themselves!  I must admit that I will get sucked into a reality TV marathon in a minute!  The “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” marathons get me every time!

TVONE.TV:  Finish this sentence.  You will never catch Meelah without _______.

DIVA MEELAH:  Clear Eyes eye drops!  I love my eyes to be fresh and look well rested at all times and with my busy bee five year-old son sometimes I need a little help in that department.  Also, my lip-gloss; I never leave home without those two things!     


TVONE.TV:  What do you want viewers to learn about you this season on R&B Divas?

DIVA MEELAH:  I hope to bring a new slightly younger demographic to the show.  I want people to know that I’m just a normal person who experiences highs and lows like everyone else.  Most importantly, I want people to learn to NEVER GIVE UP and to know that I kept trying.  It’s never too late and I am a living example that God gives second chances!

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