Now that Valentine’s Day is officially over, how was it… FOR REAL? Did your man finally propose?  Did you spill red wine on your favorite book’em dress?  Did you and your crew have a fun girl’s night out or did you spend a quiet evening at home?  Whatever the case, Darling Nikki wants to hear your stories while dishing some advice and sharing hers!

If your wondering how yours truly spent the day, it had some low lights and high lights. Mr. Ten came thru in a big way.  He always does.  Of course, the two dozen rainbow roses that he ordered were "lost" by a company that call themselves the PRO’S of flowery delivery.  Ha! I don’t know what kind of "PRO’S" they are but me or Mr. Ten won’t be spending our dime with them again.  They can’t re-deliver the next day because there are more than enough "re-deliveries" (re-delivers is a code word for scewed up orders that they have to do over) infront of me  to push my re-delivery to Monday and Monday is a holiday (Presidents Day). REALLY!?  Yes! TRUE STORY!  But it’s the thought that counts…right?!?  We went to dinner and Mr. Ten appeared with a dozen amber roses to make up for the ones I didn’t receive.  HOW SWEET WAS THAT! He said it was hard to find quality roses at 7 PM at night but he did it!  I also received a Valentine’s Day card from my dad.  He is the BEST and no matter how old I get, he always sends his love.  There have been plenty of years that I didn’t have a Valentine and back then I would PARTY with the girls and wish for dates like the one I had last night.  For those of you wishing, KEEP HOPE ALIVE.  Your prince is COMING!  Mine did!

The Proposal

Statistics state that VALENTINE’S DAY is the #1 day of the year to propose.  If this was your fate, how did it go down?  Inquiring minds want to know!!!!! Were you surprised or have you been planning your wedding (behind your man’s back) for years and was just waiting to finally get that bling?!!!

Darling Nikki Advice:  Congrats Girl!  Enjoy your engagement for the moment but don’t take FOREVER to plan that ONE DAY because you don’t’ want to become an EXTENDED CONTRACT victim.  Remember, It’s not the wedding that counts;  it’s the love and commitment that you two share.

Mr.  Perfect

A morning call, plans after work, maybe even some flowers and a steamy night … if this is how your Valentine’s Day went down then what else could you ask for?  Your day was pretty much perfect, just like him!

Darling Nikki Advice: Nobody’s perfect but if he makes you feel like your floating, then that’s about as good as it gets.  Let him know how much you appreciate him and his actions.  Love is a TWO-WAY street.

The Date From Hell

He’s not your man but you did have a date on Valentine’s Day and now you’re wishing you would have gone with your gut and just stayed home.  Was he cheap?  Did his breath stink or was the conversation a dead end? 

Darling Nikki Advice:  Don’t beat yourself up on this one because you have to kiss a lot of frogs to meet your prince.  You gave it your best shot and now it’s time to move on.  Keep it cordial but don’t waste your time.

Mr. Forgetful

You can’t believe it but he DID IT AGAIN …HE FORGOT.

Darling Nikki Advice:  Kill him with kindness and chances are he will feel so guilty you will get double the gifts you would have got on Valentine’s Day.  If he see’s no wrong doing you might need to seriously re-evaluate your relationship.  If the two of you are still together this time next year you should make him remember; no IFS, ANDS or BUTS about it.

Girls Night

So what your single or your man is far way, you had a ball hanging with your girls.  Dinner, dancing and just catching up with each other is always all good. 

Darling Nikki Advice:  Take your girls night a step further and plan a trip or mini-vacaction.  Recharging with your true blue friends is always a DO.

Just You And The Kids

The kids made you dinner and it was the best grill cheese sandwich you ever had. So what they spelled "Valentine’s" wrong, they can barely pronounce it.

Darling Nikki Advice: Children’s love is so sweet and so pure! Keep this day close to your heart ALWAYS, especially when they forget to clean their room.

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