This season of Unsung flew by and the season finale featuring my girl CeCe Peniston was on POINT!  I really commend her for how she has handled the ups and downs of her career and how she wasn’t afraid to walk away when she wasn’t feeling it!!!!!  

Spinderella on CeCe the Pageant Queen

It was great to see those old photos and videos of CeCe during her pageant days!   I’m sure that positive experience only helped her career.  That was a smart move on her mom/manager to get her talented daughter participating in such events.  CeCe definitely walked away with poise, interview skills and stage presence!!!!  You could tell that CeCe had a GREAT family foundation and that’s half of the battle in this business!   


Spinderella on CeCe’s Infectious Sound

During a brief time in the 90’s CeCe was on the charts with the biggest names of that time – Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson and SADE to name a few. CeCe was topping the charts with THOSE ladies and that says A LOT. 

CeCe’s hit “FINALLY” is a cult classic!!!! I STILL rock to that TODAY and it’s a must have when I DJ weddings!  Music back then was all about fun and dancing and CeCe’s sound definitely got you on the dance floor! 


Spinderella on CeCe’s Look

It seems like her record label really didn’t know what to do with her!  Unfortunately, that happens with some artists.  CeCe was so young and I feel like the look that was chosen for her really stifled her career.   The worst  part was her label made her out to be an older artist and she really wasn’t!?!!!

I found it extremely interesting that a female record executive seemed to have a problem with CeCe’s weight but in the label’s defense, they are putting their money up, they are investing in people with the goal of turning them into stars.  They make artist images.  It’s a part of the business that people don’t talk about upfront.  Maybe if CeCe knew the label’s plans for her she wouldn’t have signed? Maybe she still would have? Who knows?!???

When you are that young and you have people giving you the evil eye so-to-speak because you are not a size 2 it can really mess with your self-esteem and question who you are.  That’s why it’s so important that Unsung tells these stories!!!! It’s not shocking to learn the industry is typically geared towards stick figure women but it does make you shake your head!!!!!

Spinderella on Being Young & In Love

I was young and in love in the music business, like CeCe and let me tell you – it’s NOT GOOD.  It’s a deadly combination!!!! LOL!  You are constantly on the road and traveling so you have to be understanding and it’s hard. I had to learn that my love was real but that it wasn’t the right time and that’s a hard lesson!!!! 

Let’s talk about CeCe’s second husband (Frank Martin)!!!!  LOL! CeCe – is there ANY way you can WORK IT OUT WITH HIM?!?? He is definitely easy on the eyes 🙂 .  I was so sad to hear about CeCe’s unfortunate medical issues but it seems like she took those tragedies and turned them around so something good did come of it.  Her work with the National Parents and Teachers Association (PTA) seem to bring her some happiness!!!!! 


What’s Next for CeCe?

I really have to commend CeCe’s “I can’t cry over spilled milk” attitude and how she has really STOOD UP for her artistry!!!!!!  She has left the door open to let her come back and do music the way she wants to do it and everyone isn’t that fortunate!!!!

Come on back CeCe!!!!! I’m still rocking your songs!!!!



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Unsung returns January 29 with another star-studded line-up!!!!!

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