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Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Shamari DeVoe, and her husband, Ronnie DeVoe of New Edition reportedly owe a ton of money in back taxes to the IRS, $366,786.38 to be exact.

In a document obtained by Radar Online from the Federal Tax Lien Department of the Treasury, a tax charge was drawn up for Ronnie in November 2013.

Ellen Rodgers, the Real Estate Lien Clerk from the Cobb County Superior Court said: “It appears to still be open and active and will stay this way until 12/25/2023 unless the IRS files a continuation.”

You would think with money trouble in mind, the two would be a little more careful with their purchases. The couple celebrated their twin boys’ first birthday in July, and it was quite the party! They reportedly spent around $1,000 on just the cakes.

This isn’t the first time Ronnie has been hit with financial problems. With New Edition, the group definitely faced some money issues. In May, on Sister Circle, group member, Ricky Bell talked about the dry seasons they experienced as a group: “Sometimes you have dry seasons. So with that in mind, it’s definitely a smart idea to have [a lot of] revenue streams.” [Start at 4:10]

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