Established as one of the ‘Pioneers’ of West Coast Hip Hop, Too $hort made his mark by telling graphic and vivid stories of pimping, drugs and sex, over simple drum beats and hard funk rhythms. 

If sex sells, Too $hort must be rich!!!!! With the release of Freaky Tales, he grabbed EVERYBODY’s attention with those "short tales" of sexual encounters.   I remember hearing it and thinking WHOA!!! My girl YoYo hit it on the head, in this episode of Unsung,  when she was talking about some of Too $hort’s lyrical content and rampant use of the "B" word!!!  Safe to say ‘Beeyootch’ is his signature, cause when his smash hit Blow the Whistle comes on, some how we find ourselves screaming at the top of our lungs … "Beeyootch!!!"

Spinderella  Blows the Whistle!?!!

As a DJ, let me break down the importance of $hort’s Blow The Whistle !!!  It’s one of the hardest party joints to DATE!  There’s no doubt that when that song is played butts will be on the floor!  LOL!  Too $hort’s sound is part of that West Coast signature flavor (NWA, Ice T to name a few).  The lyrics are simple but the beats are up-tempo and simply infectious! 20 years from now when Blow The Whistle is played it will still be a hot joint!  

Spinderella on Lil Jon & Too $hort

Watching this episode, I never knew it was Too $hort who gave Lil Jon his start and was glad to see Lil Jon had returned the favor years later by producing his hit, Blow the Whistle.  I have to give Lil Jon dap on that!!!!  I love when artists look-out for each other!  That’s what it’s all about!   That song put Too $hort on top of the game (again) and introduced him to a new generation of Hip Hop lovers!!!!


Too $hort’s Hustle

The MOST fascinating thing to me about Too $hort was his hustle!!!!! His business sense back-in-the-day was INCREDIBLE and that’s why he is STILL making noise! He created a business as a young black man in Oakland.  He was doing the math on how much $5 mix tapes would profit and how much they’d cost to produce.  He was writing lyrics, producing, marketing and selling his music.   I mean for real who’s thinking about ALL that as a teen?!??? Apparently, Too $hort was and became successful at it.  He really made a name for himself in the game and the rest is history!


Spinderella Wonders Will Too $hort Ever Commit?

I really didn’t get a clear picture on where Too $hort is with his dating life… LOL but I think it’s clear that his reputation for being a “player” is his comfort zone.  I believe there’s a side of Too $hort that we don’t know!  Somehow, I didn’t catch him on that show Couples Therapy but I will def’ be lookin’ that up ON DEMAND…LOL!   Interesting how some rappers think that their persona has to remain single in order to be successful and that is not the case!!!!  

Commit already!  LOL!!!! YOU CAN DO IT TOO $HORT!!!

I’m not sure if Too $hort will ever commit but what I do know is his music will be loved by the hip hop community forever!!!!

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