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Teddy Riley stopped by The Breakfast Club to talk about all things music, his friendship with Bobby Brown and to clear up some of the storylines from The Bobby Brown Story, including Bobby sleeping with Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston and more (Bobby’s sister Leolah also had some pretty harsh things to say about her famous brother and the biopic).

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On Bobby’s constant paranoia in the biopic:

“Remember the scene where he thought everybody was trying to kill him? That actually didn’t happen. We were in Chicago. Bobby took a cab from the bus and met up with my band members…he was paranoid. He had like two knots in his pocket and all he wanted to do was see me. Bobby and I were close. I hid him in my room and let him sleep…I use to sell the stuff he took, it’s PCP. All you have to do is drink milk.”

On the scene with Janet:

“That’s like my little sister. We worked on songs together and I just felt like that could’ve been taken out. But I heard from BET that a lot was taken out of that situation so I was happy about that.”

On him trying to talk Bobby out of marrying Whitney:

“I was the one that tried to talk Bobby out of the wedding. I don’t dislike Whitney, she is a beautiful person. But I told him, you want me to work on this second album and you’re gonna get married…I’m going to give you some analogies…no disrespect to anyone I’m saying.  When Lionel Richie got married and it was posted all over the place, where his record sales go? Then babyface, when he got married. You gotta look at the stats.”

Watch the full interview below.

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