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Be patient with us as we’re STILL trying to process this shocking revelation. Apparently, Bobby Brown and Janet Jackson were a hot and heavy item sometime in the ’80s before Whitney Houston stepped in.

“The Bobby Brown Story” had everyone’s collective jaws on the floor as we watched a young and ready Janet Jackson share a hot and steamy night with Bobby Brown. Then, it gets better, Brown apparently questions Jackson on why she won’t leave Rene Elizondo Jr. for him. Whew chile…the audacity!

Of course, we got to googling for any proof or statements to confirm or deny what we just saw. And apparently, the whole story lie in waiting for this very moment. Brown details his affair with the singer in his book “Every Little Step I Take” and goes on to say, he kicked Jackson out, after their hotel liaison. But that moment was too hot for TV and never aired in the biopic.

Brown spoke with US Weekly in 2016 and again mentioned his relationship with Jackson saying she “loved me but wasn’t in love with me” and that her “father won’t allow me to be with a black man.” Wow…just when you thought you knew the whole story.

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