So many memories came back as I watched this episode of Unsung about Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam and I really enjoyed it!!!! I can so remember being in high school in dance class and her songs were always in the background! Mid 80’s was POP HEAVEN and if you weren’t around or was living under a rock, you missed out!!! Let me tell you, Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam was MEGA! Definitely a force to be reckoned with- aligned with Pop stars like Madonna, Cyndi Lauper and Janet Jackson. Yes, BEFORE JLo and Gloria Estefan, this spicy Latina was right there!

For her to come from the streets of HELLS KITCHEN – I mean the name of that area says it ALL and to make it to superstardom is incredible!  She was definitely a flower that blossomed from her environment and she put being Latina on the map – no doubt!!!! 

Spinderella on the SOUND of Lisa Lisa

If you think about it, musically, the earlier part of the 80’s was disconnecting from the "disco" era and establishing a fresh new sound in dance music.  Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam took advantage of this new ‘dance’ sound and released their first and most notable single "I Wonder if I Take you Home." 

To this day it’s one of my favs and stays in my rotation.   It’s safe to say this particular song had cross-over appeal impacting a wide spectrum of genres, including; Pop, Urban, Dance and Latin.  It’s obvious Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam crossed all kinds of barriers with a dope sound and this was even before hooking up with Full Force! Not only was "I Wonder If I Take You Home" good music, it had an important message about ‘peer pressure’ young girls everywhere could identify with.

Lisa Lisa appeared to be going thru A LOT in her songs LOL but for real, it did!!!!   “I Wonder if I Take You Home,” “All Cried Out,” “Can You Feel the Beat” and “Lost In Emotion” all dealt with SOMETHING in the love department.  LOL!!!! I mean ALL of her songs had feeling.  She put her heart in that music and you can definitely feel it.


Spinderella on the STYLE of Lisa Lisa

Can you say H-A-I-R!!!! The hair over your eye was everything and Salt-N-Pepa had that look too. LOL! I mean that’s what girls looked like in my neighborhood (Brooklyn) and probably everywhere else! 

Lisa Lisa was one spicy Latina and who doesn’t love a spicy Latina?  She was curvy, pretty and had a great sense of style.  I want to know were there ever any woman around when she was touring or was she always with the guys?  Did she have ANY female influence or was that all her???  If that was all her, which it appears to be, that says a lot about her sensibility and true style.  

Portrait Of Salt N Pepa

Spinderella on Being Young & In the Biz

Like Lisa Lisa, I started at 16 and was introduced to show biz, fame and being on the road. Think about what YOU were doing at 16- LOL…probably worried about guys/girls and clothes 🙂 but when you are the road you have to have some level of maturity and rely on some of type of family foundation.  I had to rely on what my parents taught me and who was around at the time.  Thank goodness, I had some good people around me that watched me and it seems like Lisa Lisa had that too.

Spinderella’s WHO KNEW Moment

I had NO idea that Lisa Lisa was a breast cancer survivor.  Back in those days, there was no social media to report such news but I’m sure Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam had their share of interviews and it was NEVER leaked.  Not only did the public not know but her very own camp didn’t even know it.  WOW!!!! What she must have been going thru at such a young age, I can’t even imagine!  She overcame it and it’s been in remission all these years.  GOD BLESS HER!!!

Spinderella on Lisa Lisa Beyond Her Music

The girl can act for REAL!!!!  My daughter loved that show (Taina) that aired on Nickelodeon.  Lisa Lisa played the mom on the show and I remember watching it with my daughter and thinking YES! SHE IS WINNING!  She’s STILL doing her thing and we definitely haven’t seen the last of her!


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