Last week I was watching that entertainment network (you know the one) when I noticed words scrolling across the bottom of the screen announcing that Halle Berry was pregnant!  I jumped out of my bed and texted all my gal pals with delight.  In this moment of sheer happiness for the sister who has had her share of problems, it dawned on me HOW BIG this news REALLY is for women of a certain age.

If Ms. Halle Berry, yes, our never-can-keep-a-man Halle Berry is sporting a healthy baby bump at the age of 46…what does this really mean for woman of a certain age?!??

I’ll tell you EXACTLY what it means!  It means to always KEEP HOPE ALIVE!  If you’ve ever dreamed of giving birth but the years have ticked away for whatever reasons, you still may have time!!!!  I know in this day and age a man is not required in the baby-making equation since sperm banks are almost as common as drive thru pharmacies BUT whether or not you were holding out for a more traditional conception or thinking of going the fertility route, it still  just might happen for you…even if you are OVER 40.

Halle is no stranger to the waiting-for-baby game.  She famously gave birth to her first child, daughter Nahla, at the age of 41 after being very public about failed relationships and her desire to have a baby.  Now, nearly five years later, she is awaiting the birth of ANOTHER bundle of joy and I couldn’t be happier for her.  Sure, Ms. Berry might have Hollywood status but her heart has been through more than a trillion Dear Darling Nikki  letters!!!! You can’t help but cheer for her!

For all the nay-sayers that say you must give birth by the age of 35 tell that to Halle’s beautiful daughter Nahla who just turned five and is healthy, beautiful and striving.  For the other haters who say past 42 is impossible, I say, think again!  NEVER SAY NEVER!!!!

For the record, there are risks involved with ALL pregnancies, including those for mothers over 40.  But there is no need to seal up the “vault” and give up on your dream just because you are no longer an official spring chicken.  In the book The Unofficial Guide to Having a Baby obstetrician John R. Sussman is clearly hopeful.  "For the large majority of women, having a baby in their early 40s is safe and uncomplicated," he wrote. 

On that note, I think anyone who wants to experience childbirth should remain HOPEFUL, like Halle Berry did for so many years leading up to the birth of her first child.  Besides, you never know; you just might have some eggs left in your carton!!!! 

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