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I have been waiting for a new Tamar Braxton album since the first one dropped way back in 2000. Over the years there had been reported deals with Tommy Mottola’s now defunct (again) Casablanca Records, but nothing really tangible. Now finally thanks to the popularity of Braxton Family Values, and of course, her husband, Tamar’s inching closer and closer to a sophomore release.

And if you can’t tell, I’m all the way turnt up about it.

Even more so now after reading her interview with Huffington Post Black Voices. In the new Q&A, Tamar talks about what we can expect from her new recordings…and when we may hear it.

This season will show you recording your new album. How has the process been?

I love the records that I have recorded so far. Every time I record a new record Vince wants to change the single. [Laughs] And that’s great news, because if he didn’t like it he wouldn’t be so keen on listening to it all the time like he does. So I’m just really proud of the work that I’ve done.

During the first episode you’re seen recording the track, Get Your Life. Are you still planning on releasing it as the first single as mentioned?

Oh no, that’s not the first single. [Laughs] They actually just put the first single back two weeks. And I just found out that he [Vince] doesn’t know what the single is going to be.

While Vince also serves as Lady Gaga’s manager, are there any plans on recording material with her for the album?

Not on my album right now, no. And it’s not because I’m not a fan, I’m a fan of hers. It’s just that I’ve been waiting my whole life to put out this record, and Gaga would be a great addition to it. But for right now I just want to do things just with me, my way. No features.

Is there tentative title and release date for the album?

That’s still up in the air as well. It just keeps changing.

You can check out the Q&A in full over at Huffington Post Black Voices.

Meanwhile, here’s Tamar Braxton singing the National Anthem at a recent college football game between Howard University and Morehouse College.