Wow!  This episode of Unsung really went LEFT!   I learned a lot of stuff about Lou Rawls that I’m not sure I wanted to know.  To keep it real, I’m a little mad with him but I love his music, so I will focus on that.   He left such a legacy and that can never be denied.


Spin on Lou’s Anger

What this episode of Unsung reinforces is that your favorite celebrities are human.  You have your issues and so do they.  It’s not shocking to me because I have seen this in the business time and time again; it’s almost a pattern.  You would be surprised how many artists have demons like that.  It gets DEEP!!!!!!

What I gathered from Unsung is that he had A LOT going on.  I mean come on…a black man right in the heart of segregation married to a white woman in the early 1960s.  He was performing in places that didn’t welcome him.  He also had some past demons from his childhood to deal with as well.  It doesn’t excuse his anger or violent behavior but it definitely sheds light on it and you can understand.

It seems like Lou was happiest when he was doing his music.  And when you listen to his work, it’s perfect; the melody, his tone, lyrics…just a class act!

Spin on Growing Up on Lou Rawls

When I was growing up Lou Rawls music was thoroughly played in my house.  When my dad wanted to make up with my mom, he would put on some Lou Rawls and it was ALL good! Remember the Martin episode when Tommy moved in with Pam and Pam got sick and tired of Tommy because he played Lou Rawls music all the time!  LOL!  That’s one of my favorite episodes because it reminds me of my dad and how he would throw a Lou Rawls record on to woo my mom. Lou Rawls was a mood changer.  And the mood was definitely love. 

Spin on the Artistry of Lou Rawls and His Best Work

Lou Rawls was known as a disciplined performer.  In my opinion, his discipline as an artist was the key to his longevity.  That shows determination right there!  He was self-controlled, never late and consistently put out impeccable music.  It was cool how he would talk into the track.  Him, Barry White, Teddy Pendergrass, they all had the ability to sing as well as relate a story through talking on a track.  Genius! 

All that Gamble & Huff (songwriting and producing partners for over 30 years) music with Lou was just the BEST.  They are responsible for his mega hit, You’ll Will Never Find a Love like MineNatural Man was also another favorite of mine.  It was soooo groovy.  Lou’s comeback album in the 70’s was the best!!!!! Also, he had two Christmas albums (Merry Christmas Ho! Ho! Ho! and Christmas Is The Time)  that are  definite must-haves! 

Lou Rawls

Spin on the Importance of Lou Rawls

I was a youngin’ at the time but I remembered those Budweiser commercials with Lou Rawls.  He was definitely on top.  His endorsement deal with Anheuser Busch was a match made in heaven.  When he came up with the idea to raise money for historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) through that partnership he changed lives.  Imagine if he didn’t come up with that???!? His Parade of Stars aired for two decades and still airs today under a different name (An Evening of Stars).  During his two decades, he helped raise 200 MILLION for the United Negro College Fund (UNCF).  He was very important to the community, to say the least.  I wish more artist of today would do that!

God had a plan for Lou Rawls that’s why I believed he lived through that horrific car accident and decided to become a solo artist and make beautiful melodies. All I knew about Lou Rawls was his music but thanks to this episode of Unsung, I now know his story.

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Spinderella AKA Spindeezy

Check out Lou Rawls here!  There is no denying he was one talented brother.

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