Hip Hop Icon and legendary DJ, Spinderella, dishes on the premiere episode of Unsung and her love of Isaac Hayes.  Is it his bald-head, love of luxury items or the fact that they both share a stage name that has her all excited?  Read her Unsung REMIX Blog and get her thoughts on the musical icon.

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Let me start off by saying Isaac Hayes music was ALWAYS blaring from our 7th floor apartment in Brooklyn.  The song ‘Shaft’ was definitely a favorite!!!!   I spent hours looking at all the album covers while my dad would play his music very loud.  I’ll never forget the ‘To Be Continued’ cover because it had the puzzle pieces on it.  I was intrigued by that one. LOL!!!!  Great music and memories! 

I love how this Unsung episode was informative in depicting Isaacs’ activism and concern for the upliftment of the Black community. If only more artists of today could take a page from his journey. Isaacs’ career climbed throughout the 70’s, when artists were only seen through their music, performances or occasional interview. I couldn’t help but notice in this Unsung episode that Isaac’s many chart topping hits and Golden Globe award couldn’t hide his insecurities.

Spinderella on Isaac’s Nickname and Hers

I can only imagine the pressure Isaac received with the alias ‘Black Moses’. To some, especially members of the church, this would be blasphemous. Others would see him as an award-winning writer and composer sent to lead the people into an incredible soulful journey. When an artist chooses a name it becomes him. Building that name is a job in itself; making that name a purpose is a whole other mission.

The name ‘Spinderella’ was given to me by my Salt-n-Pepa manager Herbie “Luvbug” Azor. It was so fitting for me, taken from the fairy tale but with a ‘spin’ on it. Don’t forget the two step sisters (Salt-n-Pepa) LOL!


Portrait Of Salt N Pepa

Spinderella on Groupies and Isaac’s Love for the Ladies

Isaac had maaad women… Did ya’ll hear me?  MAAAD women as in A LOT…more than A LOT!!!!   After every other commercial break, there’s a new wife! LOL!!!!  FYI…Men ain’t the only one with groupies… During my Salt-N-Pepa days, we ladies had our share…and I’ll leave it at that.

Isaac seemed to have the women of the 70’s on lock and I see why.  All that ‘Hot Buttered Soul’ pouring through his music, along with that sexy deep voice and of course, the bald head didn’t hurt! 


Spinderella on Splurging Gold Plated Cadillac Style

In this Unsung episode, you learn that Isaac indulged in the finer things in life. Like most artists, I work hard and love to reap the benefits by splurging on myself once in a while.  I once bought a car and didn’t even know how to drive!!!!! But now, my idea of “treating myself” is very different.  I’m talking about a nice pair of ‘Choos’ or maybe an impromptu spa day.  These days with a daughter in college, I’m more frugal and would rather save up.  In comparison to Isaac’s idea of splurge slightly differs from mine. But for the record, that gold plated green caddy was a BAAAD MOTHA….YOU KNOW WHAT!

As a DJ, I love Isaac’s ‘Ike’s Mood.’  That song is so melodic and funky at the same time with an incredible horn section and piano breakdown…AMAZING. That song has been sampled by everyone from DMX to Mary J Blige.  I love his version of ‘Walk on By’ as well.    

I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the Isaac Hayes episode.  When his music played during the show, I wanted to hear more of it!  It sounded SOOOOO GOOD; I didn’t want it to end.  As a matter of fact, I’m about to pull out my Isaac Hayes playlist now!!!!!! 


Spinderlla AKA Spindeezy

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