Tamia Talks New Music and the State of R&B

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Tamia dropped a new album entitled Beautiful Surprise this week and speaking to JET magazine, the gorgeous singer opened up on why it took so long for her to drop a new release while also sharing her thoughts on the state of R&B.

Is there a reason why you waited so long to release new music?

I didn’t say, “I think I’ll go away for five years.” Life happens. I have two girls—five (Lael) and 10 (Myla)—and I’ve been married now for 13 years. I think life is all about timing and I looked up one day and five years had passed.

What’s different about your music now as opposed to five or 10 years ago?

Hopefully my music has changed, because I’ve changed. My first song, I was 19. Now five projects later, obviously I’m not the same girl that I was then. Vocally and personally, as a woman, I feel like I’ve grown.

How do you feel about the state of R&B music today?

I feel like it just needs to be supported a little bit more. Fans, radio, all of that. Even as artists, to support each other. A good song never dies. We just need to support it more.

And of course, because she is a real basketball wife, there was a question about the hubby of hers:

You’ve been with your husband Grant Hill for 13 years now. How have the two of you managed to make it last?

I think communication, certainly. And I think that’s within any relationship, whether it’s your sister, brother, girlfriend or boyfriend. It’s about communication, especially when you have two people with demanding careers.

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