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Since his original suspension for alleged sexual misconduct last year, more women have come forward about Tavis Smiley‘s behavior while at PBS. In a new countersuit, the network says, “Smiley violated the network’s morals clause and seeks $1.9 million in returned salary plus unspecified damages. During a subsequent investigation conducted by an outside law firm, numerous other individuals, many of whom are women of color, who worked with Mr. Smiley or [Tavis Smiley Media] reported detailed accounts of Mr. Smiley engaging in inappropriate behavior and sexual misconduct.”

The 53-year-old is now suing PBS for breach of contract. Back in December he released a statement saying had never “groped, coerced, or exposed himself” to any of his colleagues, and anything that had happened was consensual.

The author and television host’s new showThe Upside With Tavis Smiley, airs on The Word Network.

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