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Jerhonda Pace is speaking out about the lack of support in her own personal #MeToo movement.

Last year Pace came forward alleging R. Kelly had sexually abused her, even telling The Real, she was “trained” to please the singer “sexually”.

Since then the 24-year-old tells Buzzfeed, watching Harvey Weinstein and other powerful men like Russell Simmons fall from grace due to sexual abuse allegations infuriated her, “I was livid, because when their stories came out, they received so much attention. It was just crazy, and I was like, ‘What about R. Kelly’s victims? What about us?’ Nothing happened for us.”

Pace is right. Out of the women that came forward, just last year, including Kitti Jones, a Texas DJ that claims the 51-year-old withheld food from her, their stories have largely fell on deaf ears.

The singer, who was evicted from two Atlanta homes last month, has not been charged or convicted of the alleged crimes.

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