Dear Darling Nikki,

I’ve been single for about a year now, but it just seems like I can’t find the right one. The guys just seem to come off all wrong and that’s a big turn off for me….what shall I do?


Dear TeamLonely,

Sister don’t sound so down and out.  Don’t give up hope.  NEVER give up hope!

I know what you mean about guys coming off wrong.  Recently, a well-mannered gentleman approached me and asked me if I had underwear on – WTH???? (For the record- I did).  I agree that many of these men out here don’t have a clue but that doesn’t mean that there is NO ONE out here for you.

I must ask TeamLonely, what kind of vibe are you putting out?  Are you smiling or are you a Debbie downer?  You have to smile and be positive even when you and your heart don’t feel like it. 

Also, where are you going to find love?  Did you see my list of TOP 10 PLACES TO MEET A MAN?!!!  One thing I didn’t put on the list is for single ladies to ask their girlfriends to coordinate introductions to their husband’s or boyfriend’s single friends.  This only works if the husband or boyfriend is NOT a jerk.  Remember: Birds of a feather flock together.

Another thought is have you tried ONLINE DATING?  I have heard some REAL stories about folks hooking up and finding the one. Nope, its NOT an urban legend!  It can happen.  A good friend of mine recently just met someone through online dating and although the relationship is new she is definitely on cloud nine – the happiest I have seen her IN YEARS.  It seems as though they have A LOT in common.  Maybe there is REALLY some science behind these online dating sites?!?

Lastly, it’s OK to be single.  Let me repeat that loudly.  IT’S OK TO BE SINGLE.  Take your time and enjoy just you.  I know that sounds easier said then done but being single does have its advantages.  (you can move at your own pace and do what YOU want to do, you don’t have to share your groceries or your remote control either).

Check your attitude for real and if you keep meeting jerks it’s time to try something new like online dating, blind dates, or approaching someone yourself.  There is no rule that says women have to sit back and wait for life to happen.  Make it happen!

I’m not giving up on LOVE and neither should you.

Darling Nikki

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