"I’m a FIRST CLASS Diva, Not Coach!"  

Diva Angie Shares Her Philosphy.

R&B Divas: Atlanta            Season 2

Episode 2:                         Oil & Water

Celebrity Blogger:              Diva Angie Stone

In episode two, Diva Angie Stone tries her best to get the other divas to drop the drama and focus on working together but did her positivity work?  Diva Angie dishes about joining the cast, her first-class-versus-coach mentality and traveling with anointing oil.


Diva Angie on Joining R&B Divas: Atlanta

I didn’t join the first season because I had a similar concept on the back burner and I didn’t realize that Nicci and Faith had the same vision.  Ideas are universal.  Sometimes the same ideas are born at the same time — it happens!!!! I didn’t want to be in competition with my sisters because we all had the same vision.  The truth is, they wanted me on their show and I wanted them on mine! Since then we’ve come to a happy medium.  They invited me to join the cast because they knew this was a vision of mine.  We met in the middle and the rest is history.   I saw my dream unfolding on television and I am happy that I’m truly a part of this vision.

Diva Angie Says “It Saddens Me”

I have witnessed over-the-top jealousy, lies and character testing and it really saddens me.  It saddens me that two dynamic women, Syleena and Nicci, are at odds.  Syleena is willing to work it out and I think Nicci is, too.  I might need to call on my friends veteran divas Chaka Khan and Betty Wright for some help — we need to maximize this moment!  If there was ANY beef with divas back in the day you would NEVER know about it!!!!! This situation right now just really saddens me.  In this episode, my goal was to bring some resolve to the situation in a respectful way.


Diva Angie on Age & Being Disrespected

After seeing all the train wrecks from last season, I wanted to bring my experience to the divas.  I want to share my trials and tribulations and I am NOT trying to be anyone’s mother.  I am NOT ashamed of my age!  I’ve conquered alot on this earth like weight issues, etc.  Many people have even told me that I’m aging backwards LOL!

For the record, being called “old” is NOT COOL and it is very disrespectful.  If you’re calling me “old” then what are you calling the divas before me like Chaka Khan, Betty Wright or Diana Ross???  That’s simply not cool and not the way to survive in this business. My kids don’t understand the continuous “old” comments and are hurt by it because they are fans of the divas.  I don’t want my children to see me calling someone out of their name so I try to keep my cool.   I stay in my lane!

R&B music is the only genre that places you on the “old” shelf after age 25-30. Pop and country music artists are timeless.  We should learn from that!   I’m still in the same room with the younger artists and that says A LOT. 


First-Class Diva Vs. Coach

God loves me and placed me on a platform to share my way of thinking and that includes my first-class mentality.  I’m from the hood but I have a first class mentality.  My philosophy is simple – THINK FIRST-CLASS, PRACTICE FIRST-CLASS and eventually, YOU WILL BE FIRST CLASS.

Reality TV will push your buttons, I don’t care who you are but when that happens, you have to know how to be first-class about it.  I admit, I had my buttons pushed but I apologized and I had to swallow a little bit of dirt because of it but that’s a first-class move because I am a first-class diva. 

Negative thinking levels out as nothing.  You won’t go anywhere. You always have to rise above the situation, that’s first-class.  That’s how I have survived all these years.  I’ve always had a first-class mentality.  All jokes aside, I do fly first-class.  It’s a deal breaker.  I have to remain in the FIRST-CLASS space and frame of mind at all times.

What Angie Really Thinks of the Divas

The divas are a talented group of women who can definitely give you great R&B music on their own.  We as collective women are so strong!  We have the power to do something so powerful but we have to be on the same page. 

Syleena has a big heart and her delivery is big but sometimes you have to keep your greatness in reserve because if you don’t some people will pick at you to hurt you.  I told her in this episode, “don’t give people ammunition to hurt you,” and those are words that I really live by.  I truly believe that Syleena has a distinctive sounding voice and has simply not come into her own yet.

Diva Nicci has already been shown God’s favor.  Diva Nicci is a hard worker and a real go-getter.  She is really off the chain with that but I’m learning a lot about her thru the show that I can’t say I agree with. 

Diva KeKe has an incredible voice and is probably one of the best singers.  She is very pretty and very talented but her attitude really surprises me.  Is she SERIOUS? I have no idea why she felt the reason to come at me like that.  I was cool with her ordering her drink but not cool with her attitude.  It makes for great TV but it doesn’t make for a great friendship.

What Diva Angie Wants Her Fans to Know About the R&B Divas Party

The one thing I want to clear up to the fans is the misunderstanding about the R&B Divas premiere parties.  I didn’t know that there were two separate parties.  I want to personally apologize to all the fans who were misled that I was going to be at the party held at the Museum Bar.  I was not. I was never invited properly nor did I RSVP.  I was at the private party, screening which involved the media which turned out to be a fabulous event.  It’s a bad look, like I never showed up and that was not the case. I did try to reach out to the fans to let them know but just in case you’re reading this, now you know!


The Anointing Oil

The anointing oil is REAL and yes, I travel with it at ALL times. I always keep a bottle in my purse.  I anoint myself every day from head to toe.  I’m from the south and many of us walk around with anointing oil.  We cover ourselves when we walk into unknown situations.  My children have oil and my son also anoints himself every day before he walks out the door.  And yes, I brought it with me to my divas meet-up because I knew it was going to be some mess! 

That oil has been blessed by Arch Bishop Nicholas Duncan Williams from Ghana.  He is awesome! I recently did a retreat with him and his wife.


When I arrived at the restaurant I felt the divas had a strange startling look at first.  I don’t know if they knew I was coming or not.  In the R&B genre of music whenever we see each other there is a genuine sense of sisterhood and I didn’t get that from everybody.  There was definitely some reserve.

The minute KeKe came out at me, I pulled out the oil!  They scattered out of that place so quick that it let me know that I was dealing with demons!!!! Not the girls themselves, but the energy in the room.  Syleena stayed behind and we talked.  She really needed some one to hear her and understand her.  She was really bothered by the whole situation.  What you didn’t see on that episode is how hard I prayed about it when I got home.

The anointed oil works!  Everybody needs to go get some!!!!!

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