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After months of trailers, teases and premieres dripping with melanin, we have arrived! Black Panther made it’s epic debut Presidents Day weekend and it left us beaming with pride. Black Panther set a new box office record, making an estimated $192 million between Friday and Sunday (North America) and beating out Deadpool for the biggest February debut EVER.

That’s not all…..WE’RE international! In Disney’s recent press release, they estimated $362 million in ticket sales across the world. Black Panther skips right on down the line to become the fifth-largest movie opening OF.ALL.TIME. It lands just behind the other Disney franchises – The Avengers, Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Breaking Records ☑

Making History ☑

Wowing Critics ☑

Letting The World Know You Can’t Outdo #BlackExcellence ☑☑☑

All you have to do is just scroll down your timeline to see the beautiful displays of support for this movie. We sold-out theaters, we showed up early, we stood in line dripping in the colors and patterns of the African diaspora.

Just look at us…..

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Thank you, Ryan Coogler, for taking such care in creating a film and making a movement we could be proud of. Thank you for connecting the rich history of our motherland to the resilience of who we are today. Thank you for showing the world who we REALLY are.

Like everyone else, we’re in love with Black Panther. Need to know more about the movie, look no further!

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