Photo: Courtesy of Toshia Shaw/Twitter

Black hair always seems to be an area of fascination and confusion for anyone one outside of the black race. In a society where wearing braids is a dress code violation, the refusal to accept black culture is becoming far too common.

Toshia Shaw, a spiritual and trauma life coach, posted on Twitter about her daughter, Trinity, who was bullied by her classmates at a predominately white school for wearing dreadlocks in her hair.

Trinity did not let the bullies stop her from embracing her beautiful hairstyle, but stood up to them instead.

“She refuses to allow kids to make her feel bad about her culture,” her mother said in the tweet that told her daughters story, that ended up going viral. In just the last few days, the tweet has gotten over 20,000 retweets along with many comments in support of the 11-year old.

Toshia later tweeted her daughter’s response to all the love. “She said, ‘Thank you,’ to the nice, supportive, and beautiful comments because it shows her there is way more love than hate in this world.

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