12-Year-Old Student Told Not To Return To School For Wearing Braids

by eferguson

February 7, 2018

Photo: Courtesy of Brittany Anderson

After being told to pick up her son for violating the dress code, an Arizona mother decided to withdraw her son from school. What was his violation? Wearing braids in his hair.

Brittany Anderson was told that her son Nasir, was wearing a hairstyle that was against the school policy for Telos Prep Academy, and mother of the 12-year old bold was not standing for it.

(Photo Courtesy of Brittany Anderson)

She posted on Facebook about her attempt to protest the violation of dress code saying, “I asked the teacher how are these kids able to freely express themselves if your trying to prohibit them from doing so? Of course the teacher had nothing to say, and people wonder why so many kids are [committing] suicide, to me that’s a form of bullying because your talking about my sons hair…”

Although Nasir had been going to school with his hair braided for the past sixth months, the 32-year old mother of three wasn’t notified about this problem until picture day rolled around.

“I don’t believe in anyone dictating how my son should look especially if he’s following these uniform guidelines they have in place,” she wrote on Facebook. “My voice will be heard and I will not stop here.”

Anderson took matters into her own hands and enrolled her son into a new school that same day.

As if young black children don’t face enough pressure about how to style their hair , the added pressure of school administration prohibiting their creative expression is   simply unfair. This situation follows many other similar issues over the last year including a Boston charter school threatening  detain and suspend students for wearing box braids.

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