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You might remember the Black Lives Matter activist who went viral for snatching and attempting to take down a Confederate flag at a protest that was held after the police shooting of Walter Scott  in Charleston, South Carolina.

Muhiyyidin D’baha, was shot in the leg and killed on Tuesday. The 32-year old was riding his bike at around 1:00 AM in New Orleans, Louisiana when the fatal shooting occurred. D’baha was taken to the hospital in critical condition, but died due to excessive blood loss. His niece, Camille Weaver, set up a GoFundMe page to raise money to bring his body from New Orleans back to Charleston, and for a memorial service.

“This is all so unexpected,” said Weaver on the fundraising page. She continued, “So any contribution will help.”

The activist was a prominent leader in the Charleston Black Lives Matter Group so his untimely death is truly a disappointment to the activist community. Our thoughts are prayers our with his family and friends at this time.

D’baha isn’t the first Black Lives Matter activist who has been mysteriously killed. Edward Crawford, who was a Ferguson, Missouri protester and activist was found fatally shot in his car in May 2017.

The 27-year old became a prominent figure in the BLM community when a photo of him throwing a tear gas canister toward police officers went viral at the protest following the fatal shooting of Michael Brown Jr. by a police officer.

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