No matter what you see next, Michael Brown is still gone and the officer who shot him is still free. But if the video is as the filmmakers who uncovered it claim it to be, this case may not be a resolved matter.

In 2014, Brown’s shooting death by Officer Darren Wilson was based on the idea that Brown had just robbed a local store of cigarillos, making him a suspect. However, director Jason Pollock uncovered previously unseen footage of Brown in the same store hours earlier making some sort of exchange with the cashier. Pollock says Brown was making a marijuana drug deal in exchange for a box of cigarillos. Pollock claims that it was the same box we see Brown leave the store with hours later in video police released in 2014 which posited that he had robbed the store.

“They lied to the world about what happened,” Pollock told CNN. “They wanted to make Mike look bad. So they put out half a video to destroy his character in his death.”

And while the lawyer representing the store says his clients oppose Pollock’s assertions, the filmmaker says it doesn’t really matter.

Calling the video “a distraction,” Pollock say the real story is about the physical evidence he feels the public still hasn’t seen.

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