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Let’s be honest. Time has BEEN up for the notorious gender and race bias in Hollywood and beyond and there’s not a damn thing wrong with women speaking up for themselves and demanding a tighter wage gap. That includes the two black women that have been the topic of conversation this week, Tracee Ellis Ross and Mo’Nique.

Although reports of Ross appearing less on Blackish if her salary wasn’t comparable to co-star Anthony Anderson‘s, were not true, the 45-year-old did reveal that she was indeed fighting for more pay on the show. And for that she received a rally of support on social media.

A few days later Mo’Nique called for a boycott on Netflix and was met with the complete opposite.

Let’s address a few narratives running rampant online. Ready?

“She hasn’t done anything in years”– Mo starred in Almost Christmas in 2016, a Will Packer produced film that only had a budget of $17 million. To date the movie has made over $42 million. In addition, the 50-year-old comedian still sells out shows around the country.

“She should just take the money and be quiet” – This sounds as equally dismissive as it does sexist and reminds me of the old adage, “women were made to be seen and not heard.” Yeah, aight.

In an interview with Sway this week, the Academy Award winner further explained why she wouldn’t take the $500K and while you may not agree with everything she stands for, the fight for equal pay is a journey I applaud her for being on.

“If I accepted $500,000 what does Tiffany Haddish have coming? If I accept that what does the black female comedian have coming? Because what they will say is, ‘Mo’Nique accepted this and she’s got that.” Watch below.

The comedian isn’t the first woman to speak out about the treatment of black women in the industry. A few years ago Nicki Minaj echoed Mo’s same thoughts.

“So if I turn up to a photoshoot and you gotta $50 clothes budget and some sliced pickles, you wanna know what? No, I am gonna leave…is it wrong for wanting more for myself? Next time they know better. When I’m assertive, I’m a b-tch. When a man is assertive he’s a boss…he’s bossed up.” Watch below.

I get it. A lot of you think Mo’Nique is angry for her 2017 comments against Oprah, Tyler Perry and Lee Daniels. You also think she’s bitter because she accused Hollywood of black-balling her after winning the Oscar in 2010. But what you can’t deny is the obvious hypocrisy many have asserted on the issue.

Tracee is seemingly lovable and approachable. The daughter of an icon and one you root for every award season.

And Mo’Nique? She’s been labeled “difficult” and “hard to work with” since 2009’s Precious. And after her many rants, you probably find it difficult to support what she stands for.

Let’s be real. A lot of this is a case of, it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. But even the biggest hypocrite has to admit, even if it hurts — in the fight for equal pay both Tracee and Mo’Nique are right. And if you can’t see the very obvious problem in supporting one of our own over the other simply, because one is deemed “angry,” refer back to the title.

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