What happens when you slam Tyler Perry in an on-stage rant? Well, you get a call from him.

While on-stage at the Spotlight 29 Casino, Mo’Nique revealed that just weeks after calling Perry, Oprah and Lee Daniels to the carpet, she received a phone call from Perry himself.

“I said, yo, thanks for calling…Oprah and Lee ain’t called yet, ’cause them mother f***ers know we gotta have a conversation.”

Of course she had a lot more to say and seemed to be making light of the situation. Watch the video below and click the arrow on the video for part two.

And that podcast she references? Watch a portion below explaining why she came for Lady O below.


Just a few weeks ago, the Oscar-award winning actress and comedian blasted the trio and addressed being black-balled. Mo’Nique is no stranger to speaking her mind — ever. From her 2004 book, Skinny Women Are Evil to the 2015 allegations of being “black-balled” by Lee Daniels, the Baltimore native has made a career of not only being hilariously open but excruciatingly honest.

Well, if there’s a such thing as too open and honest, the funny lady definitely hit the mark this past weekend.

In a profanity-laced video, (we must warn you. The video is not safe for work. Please make sure there are no children around and please use headphones at your discretion) she calls out Daniels, Oprah and Tyler Perry for black-balling her from Hollywood. And she delivers the accusations in true Mo’Nique fashion.

“…Thank you Mr. Lee Daniels. Thank you Mr. Tyler Perry. Thank you Ms. Oprah Winfrey. No baby I wasn’t blackballed, I was f***ed up by some ni**as with no balls.”

Mo’Nique can also be heard saying,

“…it would kill me not say the real sh*t. You are not paying me equally, you are not treating me fairly so y’all can suck my d**k if I had one.”

That’s some Mother’s Day comedy for you.

Mo’Nique last starred in Almost Christmas alongside Gabrielle Union, Omar Epps and Danny Glover. The 2016 comedy was considered a box office hit, earning $42.5 million. Side note: how GOOD does the 49-year-old look nowadays?

TELL US: Is it time to stop calling Mo’Nique the Queen of Comedy? Does she bring the negative attention to herself?

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