Mimi Faust Say Joseline Was a Default Cast Member


2012 House of Hype Music Awards

Mimi Faust is still singing another sad love song about her experience on the first season of the megahit, Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.

In an interview with Street Disciplez Radio, Mimi discussed Stevie J, Joseline Hernandez, and how she’s looking to capitalize off the fame earned from the show.

On being back with Stevie J:

"Just because I agreed to go to counseling doesn’t mean I stuck with him. That was me agreeing to go to counseling and me agreeing to sit down with him."

On Joseline Hernandez becoming a cast member:

 "Joseline wasn’t supposed to be a cast member, that was the deal. We had all of the cast members in place. She kind of got on the show by default. She wasn’t initially a cast member at all."

Does it really matter considering she’s the most popular cast member for a very good reason?

Anyway, on using the fame from the show to branch out:

"’I’m doing a clothing line inspired by my daughter.  I’m doing a home line—kind of like Martha Stewart, but I’m nowhere near Martha Stewart—but a home line as far as like home accessories. Pillows, lamps, decorative things for the home."

On new suitors:

“But Mimi did reveal that being on the show has created a new crop of suitors.  She said, “Men will just walk up to me in the grocery store and say, ‘I wouldn’t cheat on you, baby.’

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