“Motown The Musical” Broadway Spring Launch Event

Rumor has it that Aretha Franklin reportedly made the suggestion that she and fellow legendary singer, Barbra Streisand, go on tour together. Apparently, Barbara’s response was, “Do you know who I am? Do you know how many tickets I’ve sold with my own name? Girl, I wouldn’t chair a concert billing with Jesus, much less you.”

Or something like that.

According to the National Enquirer:

“Barbra bragged that she sells out venues all over the world and com­mands the biggest ticket price of anyone – she’ll be selling seats at prices as high as $1,500 on her up­coming tour,” a friend of the “Funny Girl” stage and screen icon revealed. “She doesn’t need to share top billing, and she doesn’t need a gimmick to sell tickets. I think she was insulted.”

“They could have easily met up to perform together,” said the friend. “It was just an off-the-cuff sugges­tion from Aretha, but Barbra wasn’t interested.”

According to a music-business insider, Aretha is looking for some­thing to put her on top. She recently re-signed with former mentor and music mogul Clive Davis and wants to put together a BIG show – like a night at Carnegie Hall with Barbra.

But Aretha is going to have to look for another legend to join her on­stage.

“Barbra hasn’t shared top billing with anyone in 50 years,” says the friend, “and she’s not going to start now!”

This reminds me of this clip.

As in: I don’t believe this ever happened, but it’s certainly fun for some to pretend.

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