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Patina Miller Has More In Common With Her ‘Raising Kanan’ Character Than You Might Think

Patina miller of raising kanan

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Patina Miller brings her defined cheekbones and rugged NYC attitude to life as Raq, the gun-toting, drug-slangin’ mama bear in Raising Kanan. If you’ve watched the series, you’ll know we’ve never witnessed the mother of one break a sweat, shed a tear, or crack under pressure. She sets the stage as the stylish bawse of Queens, NY, in the 90s, who helped carve out her son Kanan’s road to destruction.

Patina’s character might hold a Doctorate in street life, but it is the polar opposite of who she is at the core. Despite that, she recognizes a few parallels between herself and Raq. “For me as a mom, I know what it’s like to want to provide for your child. I know what it’s like to want to fight tooth and nail – you know, it’s like your heart living outside of your chest. And so you’re willing to do anything. And sometimes, that love causes you to act and react in certain ways. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad, but at the root of it – it’s all rooted in love,” she tells us.

Among the Power-verse series, Raising Kanan has become popular among fans due to its jaw-dropping storyline that continues to draw viewers in. And with the anxiety-induced season finale that recently aired, there’s no doubt the show will return for a 4th season. According to Patina, fans resonate with the authenticity of the series. “It is super authentic to New York City at that time,” she says. “People really fall in love with not just the characters, but it’s about remembering, you know, people have this sort of like, oh my god, the deja vu of it all of like when you watch it.”

Falling in love with Rock’s character is inevitable. When she’s not ordering hits and making bawse moves, she’s styling on us in fur coats and extra-long heels. The fiery loose cannon is always ten steps ahead of the game, making unpredictable chess moves that keep us on our toes. Check out the full interview!


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