Terrence Howard & Juicy J Visit BET’s “106 & Park”

A year ago, Terrence Howard and his estranged wife were preparing for a nasty divorce battle that consisted of accusations of domestic violence, threats, and racial slurs. Now “It’s the best now,” the Oscar-nominated actor claims in an interview with Cocoa Fab.

Oh, it gets even more disturbing.

First it sounds thoughtful as Howard adds: “When you have the opportunity to walk away and you’re still brought back together again, you can’t deny that. We didn’t allow egos to get in the way. We learned the lessons of our mistakes from the past.”

Then comes to the creepy sexism: “Men stop being honest because when they show a weakness, often times women will hold that weakness against them and keep reminding them of that, as if that would keep them there. You have to remind any person that they are strong enough to overcome. That’s who men stay around, those that encourage them.”

Dear Lord, please don’t let this man write a relationship book, too. Women have suffered enough. In any event, the talented actor did open up about the upcoming sequel to The Best Man.

Terrence says he can’t wait to rejoin the cast, but his rationale sounds very “How you like me now?”


At the time when we did this movie, Taye Diggs was at the height of his career. Morris Chestnut was taking every role that I auditioned for. And Harold Perrineau was stealing everything.

Terrence Howard was this light skinned guy who no one really knew and no one wanted to work with. And now that’s changed. I’m sure they want to battle and see who can make this movie. I’m ready for the challenge. Of course. I love some head cutting” 

Isn’t he charming?