Kendall and Kylie Jenner released their new collection of “vintage” t-shirts this week featuring prints of rap icons Biggie and Tupac. Instead of paying homage to these prolific rappers, the Jenners slapped their own images and initials across iconic artwork and photography without permission or proper copyright clearances. Then, they charged everyone $125 per t-shirt, soooo Black Twitter laid them out.


If you love and respect these artists, which they claimed to do in their apology, the first thing you DON’T do is ruin their best work by stamping your name all of over it. Apart from this blatant disrespect, you, then, take money from their pockets and rob their estates by using their image and likeness without permission and without paying. That’s called exploitation and Biggie’s mom and his estate fired off a cease and desist letter with the quickness shutting all this down.

No, no baby. What is you doing? Kylie might be new to the “pissing off Black Twitter” game, but, Kendall, you know better. May we remind you of this incident?


And now we present, the best roasts of the situation:

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