As the most romantic day of the year approaches, I know a lot of my sisters will be sitting back and wondering what their honeys will surprise them with this year.  If you’re single, you might even cringe at the thought of being alone.  Well, before you get disappointed again with what you perceive as a lack luster day or work yourself up into an un-necessary tantrum, THIS year take a different approach!

Don’t sit back and wait for Valentine’s Day magic to unfold.  Make the magic yourself!

If you got a man, why not SURPRISE HIM this time around?  No man?  So what!  Celebrate your SINGLE STATUS with your favorite gal pals. 

Cute & Coupled Up

True, the typical dude will say that Valentine’s Day is mostly for the ladies but who doesn’t like to be shown a little love?!!!!  I’m not saying he wants a box of chocolates or a bouquet of flowers but what about his favorite cigar or a little something extra (wink. wink.)?  Sorry ladies, but I’m on the men’s team on this debate.  It’s not ALWAYS about US.  We have to show love to get love. 

For those of you that don’t believe my philosophy and plan to sit back and have your man do all the work, might I suggest that you take some hints from Beyoncé who sang the following lyrics in “Cater To You.” 

Let me help you

Take off your shoes

Untie your shoe strings

Take off your cufflinks

What you wanna eat boo?

Let me feed you

Let me run your bathwater

Whatever your desire, I’ll supply yuh

Sing you a song

Turn my game on

I’ll brush your hair

Help you put your do-rag on

Want a foot-rub?

You want a manicure?

Baby I’m yours, I want to cater to you boy

If your still not feeling it, let me remind you that Beyoncé just announced her “Mrs. Carter” tour while many of my sisters are still waiting to seal the deal with their mate.  HELLO!  There’s something to be said for a little “catering” to your significant other every once in a while.  Coupled-up sisters CLICK HERE for VALENTINE’S DAY IDEAS FOR YOUR MAN.


Single & Ready to Mingle

Who says Valentine’s Day is just for lovers?  Find love in other places like with family and friends and don’t forget to tell them how much you care.  My daddy sends me a card EVERY year and no matter what my relationship status is, that’s the card I treasure the most!    Buy yourself some flowers and keep it moving or better yet, hang out with your gal pals for some sisterly love.  Paint the town red with your besties, coordinate a Love Jones movie night or pamper yourself with a spa day. 

At the end of the day, Valentine’s Day is only 24 hours and for real for real, love is when you surprise someone and do something from the HEART and not because it’s a day on the calendar and you feel obligated. 

TELL US:  Single or Not – Share Your Plans For Valentine’s Day.