D.L. Hughley Signs Copies Of His Book “I Want You To Shut The F#ck Up: How The Audacity Of Dopes Is Ruining America”

D.L. Hughley has an issue with Black women, though if you ask to expound on it a bit, you won’t get much out of the comedian turned political commenter. Speaking with NPR’s Tell Me More, Hughley was prompted about remarks he made about Black women in his new book.

Host Michel Martin noted:

For example, I’m reading from Chapter 17. Being a dad to daughters is very different from being a dad to sons. The dangers are different and the way they listen to you is different. I’m sure every father feels the same way that I do about his daughters. I love them, but I don’t like them. Who likes women?

And the conversation went:


HUGHLEY: Really.

MARTIN: Really?

HUGHLEY: Really.

MARTIN: Really?

HUGHLEY: Really, darling. Really.

MARTIN: You don’t like women?

HUGHLEY: I don’t like the way they process – no, I don’t. I enjoy their company. I do not like the way that they reason. You can’t understand them.

MARTIN: Well, for a man who has been married for 26 years and has two daughters – you have three children overall, two daughters and a son – you don’t think you’ve figured it out?

HUGHLEY: Do you think any man has figured it out? Anyone? Anyone? Name me a man who says I’ve figured women out, I got it.

My daughters, who I love immensely, are so certain, like if a man can have a face only a mother can love, then women can have personalities only fathers can love.

MARTIN: OK. That’s fine. But I have to ask you, though, and throughout the book, though, you do make some impassioned discussions about just how cheap you feel black life is viewed in this country.

HUGHLEY: It is viewed.

MARTIN: OK. But then to go on and in many parts of the book have some very harsh things to say about black women – African-American women.

Love how D.L. says he feels Black life is viewed cheaply in this country then proceeds to offer cheap stereotypes about Black women. No nuance, no real thought behind his words, just some cliche-riddled nonsense about Black women being angry & insufferable. Black women, I’m sorry for a lot of the flack you have to deal with — particularly from other Black men.

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