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Tamera Mowry ranks songs that mention her and her twin Tia Mowry. She goes down a list of songs from Chief Keef, Doja Cat and J. Cole. Check out the viral clip of Tamera ranking various hit songs inside.

In an video shared to Instagram, the entertainer reacts to different rap records that reference her and her twin sister Tia Mowry. As she danced and often made faces of confusion, she reveals which songs are her favorites and which ones she could do without.

“Hey guys,” Mowry addresses her supporters in the video. “Today I’m going to be listening to some songs that mentioned my sister and I, and then I’m going to rank them at the end. Let’s go!”

The songs she features include Su’Lan’s “Tia-Tamera.” Mowry bobs her head back and forth, swaying her hips and snaps alongside the beat. “Twin glocks, s— Tamera and Tia,” the song played as the actress visibly gasped.

Next, the “Sister, Sister” star gave  J. Cole’s “Cole Summer” a listen. She’s obviously heard of Cole before, offering the camera a huge smile which turned into a more shocked expression when she listened closely to the lyrics.

 “If I had one wish, I would f— Tia and Tamera/At the same time and put name tags on they t—-.”

The biggest curveball in the ranking for Tamera was when she began listening to Chief Keef’s “Picking Big Sean Up.”

Her face when he says, “Pull the ‘cat and trackhawk out, it’s Tia & Tamera,” is priceess.

“Y’all, why didn’t you tell me about these songs?! 😳😂 ,” she wrote in the caption. “Gotta say I had some fun listening to all these lyrics (ya’ll are creative)! 🔫👀😅 Rank them with me in the comments – I need your take on this wild mix! 🎶 .”

Mowry then jammed out to BIA and Nicki Minaj’s “WHOLE LOTTA MONEY (Remix).” The track played, “In a twin seater, you Tamera? What’s Tia?”

The former singer didn’t seem to recognize Polo G’s  song “Distraction.” Still she moved to the music while listening closely to the words, “Twin Glocks, Tia, Tamera, yeah, these my new b—–.”

 “I like that one too! He said Glocks?” she cried out. “I thought he said blocks!”

Lastly,, Mowry listened to what appeared to be her favorite.  Doja Cat and Rico Nasty’s “Tia Tamera” played and she mouthed the lyric’s word for word dancing alongside the hit song.

“My twins big like Tia/My twins big like Tia, Tamera (wait)/Tia, Tamera,” Doja Cat rapped as she danced in her seat.

Mowry gave fans her personal ranking from worst to best.

“In last place, it is Chief Keef ‘Picking Big Sean Up,’ then it’s Su’Lan ‘Tia and Tamera,’ fourth place is Polo G ‘Distraction,’” she said. “No. 3 is J. Cole ‘Cole Summer.”‘

“I love ‘Whole Lotta,’ I do — but Doja Cat’s ‘Tia Tamera’ ” she said while singing along. “That’s No. 1!”

Check out the viral video below:

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