After much anticipation, the ladies of TLC are back! Not only did we finally get a new single called “Way Back” from the now-duo, we received an accompanying music video.

We have several thoughts about the “Way Back” music video:

1. First off, lets congratulate the ladies for finally pulling through with new music. For a while, we wondered if would we would ever hear from TLC…plus the ladies are looking GOOD!

2. We didn’t realize just how much we needed a vintage-sounding, West Coast summer anthem until we heard this. This song will inspire two-steps at cookouts all summer ’17.

3. TLC always had a way of speaking directly to their fans. If you listen to the lyrics, you realize this record is more than just the first single from their final album, it’s a catch-up for those who have held them down since the early 90s.

4. Just us, or do you wish you had 25-30 eclectic friends to invite to a colorful house party/cookout? Literal #SummerGoals.

5. Not many can bring that cool, nonchalant energy that Left Eye always brings to TLC records, but Snoop feels so right on this track. Was he inspired by our fallen angel?

TELL US: How do you like this “comeback” record from TLC?

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