Terrance Williams’s mother, Marcia Williams shares her nine year agony and a very special thank-you.

TVONE.TV:  What is the one golden rule that you always told your son?

TERRANCE’S MOM:  I always taught him to tell somewhere where you are going because you never know what may happen and look what happened.  The only reason why we even know this much is because he told his roommate where he was going.  I always told him that; tell someone where you are going.

TVONE.TV:  What are your thoughts on the police officer who has since been fired and was the last known person to see your son.

TERRANCE’S MOM:  Steve Calkins.  If he is innocent he needs to say so but has he done that? NO.  If he wasn’t guilty he would be at every newspaper and media outlet trying to get his name cleared but that is not the case.  He works a full-time job and still lives in Naples, Florida.

TVONE.TV:  How do you stay so determined after nine years?

TERRANCE’S MOM:  We are determined to find out what happened to Terrance no matter how long it takes.  After nine years do I just want to quit? NO!  I’m not going anywhere!  I keep on praying that God gives me the strength to hold me up and guide me.


TVONE.TV:  So many young Black fathers don’t take care of their children but Find Our Missing depicted Terrance as a hard working young man who loved his kids.  Tell us about him.

TERRANCE’S MOM:  He loved them [his kids] all! He was working.  I would pick him up from one job and take him to another.

TVONE.TV:  Has time helped you heal?

TERRANCE’S MOM:  Can I breathe easier?  Yes.  I am learning.  When it first happened, I didn’t know the steps to take but I know the steps now.


TVONE.TV:  Tyler Perry called you to help.  How was that?

TERRANCE’S MOM:  Thank God for Tyler Perry! He is an angel.  He is a special person.  I think God put him here to help me thru this trial.  This is a trial I am going thru.  It’s all happening for a reason. The reason I don’t know but I am not giving up.  He had a press conference about my son missing shortly before Find Our Missing aired and it was AMAZING.

TVONE.TV:  The similarities between your son and Felipe Santo’s case are astonishing. Do you care to talk about it?

TERRANCE’S MOM:  I believe in my heart that there are more cases like this and it’s not just Felipe and Terrance. I think that he [Steve Calkins] thought this was going away but it’s not going away.  He has children himself and I can’t believe the stuff they hear or have heard.

TVONE.TV:  Are you angry?

TERRANCE’S MOM:  Yes!  I still have to get the answers the right way, not the angry way, if that makes sense.

TVONE.TV:  Is there anything else you want to share about Terrance’s disappearance?

TERRANCE’S MOM:  The truth needs to be revealed.  After nine years, I don’t believe that Terrance is alive because he hasn’t contacted me or had someone contact me for him and he would contact me. 


TVONE.TV:  What advice would you give other mother’s whose may be going thru the same situation?

TERRANCE’S MOM:  I would tell them that there is help out there.   We may not get the positive answer we want, like Terrance standing before me right now , but there is help out there.  If I can ever help someone, a mother who is desperate like me, I have no other choice but to do so or better yet, any parent.

TVONE.TV:  Any messages you would like to share?

TERRANCE’S MOM:  I just want to thank God for all the people willing to help little old me.  Thank God for Tyler Perry, Al Sharpton and my Missing Persons advocate (North Carolina), Monica Caison.  Just thank you for all the angels helping me.  I’m waiting on God to make the last move.

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