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Kid Cudi and Kanye West are cool again. During a recent interview, the latter said a sincere apology from Ye is what led to them squashing their latest public fall out.

Cudi hit up Apple Music 1 and spoke to Zane Lowe about a number of topics, but of course, the first many want to know is what’s up with him and Yeezy? In case you need catching up, recently the two friends were not on good terms, at all. Back in 2022 (they’d also been on the outs before), Ye dropped his Donda album, and Cudi was noticeably not on it despite being one of his most frequent collaborators. But then Ye threw salt in the wound by specifying that Cudi’s absence was due to him being friends with Pete Davidson, who at the time was seeing Ye’s soon to be ex-wife Kim Kardashian.

The “Day N Nite” rapper continued to stress that their friendship was done for almost two years before they were seen hugging it out in late 2023 while Ye was livestreaming that Vultures album, that still hasn’t dropped, btw.

But now as Cudi is promoting his latest album, INSANO, he and Ye are brothers, again. “Siblings hurt you the most,” Cudi told Zane Low. “So you go through things, but family is always there. You don’t give up on family. And I think in the thick of it, when it was going down, I wanted to walk away. I wanted to give up, but in thinking about it the past couple years, it’s like this is someone who is my brother ultimately who came into my life and championed me and did things for me that nobody else did for me early on in my career. People don’t even know that Kanye paid for the first ‘Day N Nite’ video when I didn’t have a deal. This was like, he needs a video, so I’m a pay for it. Guy saw me to shoot it, saw me the first director. Didn’t know me, but was sure just doing a favor and so shit like that.”

True, true. But it was Ye actually saying “sorry” that sealed the deal, this time.

Cudi adds, “He’s learning and he’s growing. He knows he made some mistakes and I think that that’s the beauty of it, is this is a beautiful thing. It’s like he knows he’s been on one hell of a ride, and he knows he’s said some things that he might not be able to come back from in a lot of realms, in a lot of spaces from certain people. But we grow and I think I pray for him, and that’s my brother. And the reason why we became cool again is because he apologized to me and it was sincere. I was just like, ‘Wow.’ Kanye does not apologize to anybody and say sorry to anyone. And that’s my brother, man. I know he loves me, and there’s just nothing like Kanye and Cudi. We like the duo that everybody loves to see.”

Until they’re not. As for Insano, Cudder is quite excited about it. “I want people to arguably have the debate about my sh*t being one of the best albums of the year,” he said. “I didn’t want to have any doubts. I wanted to make something that was completely undeniable.”

Kid Cudi’s new and 11th album Insano is out now. Check out the full interview below.

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