It looks like Olivia Pope will have to retire those bad-ass coats if rumors about Scandal ending after seven seasons are indeed true.

According to TV Line, ABC accepted Shonda Rhimes‘ decision to end the political drama and the official announcement is expected to be made during the network’s upfront presentation next week.

While it’s no huge secret the series wouldn’t run as long as the Ellen Pompeo-led Grey’s Anatomy (which was just renewed for its 14th season), knowing the end is near is bittersweet. In 2012 Kerry Washington became the first African-American actress in almost four decades to have a lead role on a prime-time television drama.

Speaking of equally historic moments, remember when Diahann Carroll and Washington presented together at the 65th Annual Emmys in 2013?

Talk about a pass the torch moment.

Did you know that just about every black actress auditioned for the role of Olivia Pope? Including Gabrielle Union. According to The Los Angeles Times, at its peak, the series pulled in nearly nine million live viewers each week.

TELL US: How do you feel about Scandal ending? What characters will you miss the most?

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