Over the last few years Tyrese has done and said some questionable things (the latest, referring to his wife Samantha as his “black queen” when she’s only 46% black. And yes, we know the one drop rule and we can even admit that she does appear to have some black in her DNA, but black queen? That’s a bit of a stretch. Even for Tyrese).

While we’re still scratching our heads about that one, what does seem to be real is a sequel to the hood classic Baby Boy. The Watts native took to Instagram over the weekend hinting that part two was in the works.

The 16-year-old film directed by John Singleton introduced us to a fresh-faced Taraji P. HensonVing Rhames, A.J. Johnson, Omar Gooding and Snoop Dogg were also apart of the cast.

Here’s another look at Tyrese’s black queen.


Okay, okay, okay. We’ll drop it…for now.

TELL US: In the age of biopics and remakes, are you on board with a Baby Boy 2?

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