What were you doing on your 24th birthday?

We can’t judge because ours is a hazy mix of Zima drinks and Montell Jordan’s “This is How We Do It” on repeat.

Meanwhile, Chance the Rapper spent his birthday raising $100k for charity because he’s awesome and of course he did. Mind you, this comes only months after dude gave away $1 million to help Chicago-area schools.

And don’t forget, this is also after he gave away tickets to Jordan Peele’s “Get Out” to anyone who followed him on Twitter.

Since Chance is ALL about using his influence for the greater good, here are three other challenges where we could use his help:

1. Settle the long-simmering beef between Martin Lawrence and Tisha Campbell-Martin so we can FINALLY have that “Martin Reunion” we’ve all been dying for.


2. Convince Congress to let Barack Obama run again in 2020.


3. Negotiate with the Academy of Motion Pictures to retroactively give Denzel the Oscar for Malcolm X.

TELL US: What do you want to see Chance use his powers of good for next?